Лучшие биткоин-казино: рейтинг 2020 года


Bitcoin Roulette Bonus

You can get some extra free money to play with, but usually only if you deposit.

When you deposit at an online casino, you’re going to receive a . The deposit bonuses casinos hand out match your first deposit (or several, depending on the casino) and can give you anything from a few mBTC to half a dozen bitcoins.

These bonuses are extra free money to play with. If you are a casual player, you don’t need to know more – go play your extra money!

If you take your gambling a bit more seriously, the bonuses do come with terms and conditions that have consequences. You might want to take a look at these terms and conditions especially if you’re planning to play only online roulette at the casino.

When you receive a bonus, it most likely states that you need to wager the bonus funds plus your deposit amount a number of times before you can withdraw funds from your account. Typically you have to wager (or “play through”) your bonus at least 30 times before withdrawing.

These terms and conditions are important for roulette players because casinos treat roulette differently than games with a higher house edge (games like slots, scratch cards, and others).

The thing you should keep in mind is that typically only 10% of roulette bets are counted towards clearing a bonus. So if you only play roulette, you might need to wager your bonus amount 300 times before you can withdraw! Sometimes things are even worse, and roulette bets don’t count at all. In this case, you shouldn’t take a bonus at that casino if you’re aiming to play roulette.

mBitcasino’s got a great bonus with very low wagering requirements (just 35x), but roulette players must take note that it’s a bonus for only slots. These are the little things that we’re here for, so that you’ll don’t have to read all the fine print. So yes, mBitcasino players should either decline the bonus or head towards Bitcoin slots to fill their rollover requirements.

Should I Take the Bonus?

You can refuse to take a bonus at most online casinos. Sometimes that’s the smart thing to do.

When you accept a bonus at an online casino, it’s usually not a big deal. You’re going to hit to slots so the more money the better!

However, if you’re playing with a particular goal in mind, you need to be smart.

The most common reason for refusing a bonus is if you’re at the casino to try to double your bitcoins with a spin of roulette. In this case taking a bonus makes no sense, as it would tie your funds to the casino until you’ve cleared the wagering requirements.

So, if you’re looking to try a simple roulette strategy for a spin or two, not taking a bonus might be the way to go.

Why is roulette such a popular game for doubling your bitcoins?

Roulette gives you great odds and the right wagering options for trying to double your bitcoins.

There are many occasions where gamblers are looking to double their money. Wanting to double up is especially common with players who play with bitcoins, as there often are “left over” bitcoins that are not worth much, but which would be a decent amount of money after doubling them a few times.

Roulette is the game of choice for doubling up. The reason is simple: it allows you to make doubling up bets with good odds. Classic wagers like Red/Black have a house edge of only 2.7% in a game with a single-zero roulette wheel.

It’s true that some casino games like poker (video poker and table pokers) and Blackjack have even lower house edges. However, they lack the straightforward simplicity of roulette: you can’t make a single “double or nothing” bet on poker or blackjack.

What is the Best Strategy for Doubling Up on Roulette?

The best strategy is simple: Bet all on a single spin!

If you are a smart gambler (and have the guts to pull this off), the mathematically optimum strategy for doubling up is to bet it all on one spin!

Wagering everything on one spin of the roulette wheel gives you a 48.6% chance of success. For example, if you bet on Red, there are 18 Red numbers on a wheel of 37 numbers, so the odds of you hitting a Red are 18/37 = 48.6%.

Many players make the mistake of betting less than everything, but in any game with negative odds betting anything less than everything is a mistake. Why this is a losing strategy might be a difficult concept to grasp at first. One easy way to think about it is that if you split your funds in two, then to double you’d need to hit a 48.6% chance twice in a row. And the odds of that happening are only 23.6%.

Why to Choose Gambling with Bitcoin?

What turned out to be one of the greatest financial and technological inventions at the beginning of the 21st century is arguably also the best monetary tool to use for gambling online.

Yes, we’re talking about Bitcoin!

Here are key advantages of bitcoin gambling:

  • Fast and low-cost transactions
  • Quick withdrawals
  • Transparency and provably fair games
  • Security and safety
  • Lucrative Bonuses and Promotions

Let’s take a look at how each of them can benefit you, the player:


A casino is only a true Bitcoin casino when players can choose to remain anonymous, and there is nothing stopping them from keeping their gaming sessions private. This is exactly what you get when you play at Bitcoin.com Games.

Fast and low-cost Transactions

One of the key benefits of playing with a BTC casino like us is that your transactions arrive nearly instantly, after 1 confirmation on the blockchain, and they’re almost always dirt cheap. We don’t charge any transaction fee from our end, only the fee that is levied by the blockchain.

Quick withdrawals in our Bitcoin Casino

Withdrawals at our bitcoin casino are super quick as well. You don’t have to wait for your funds to be transferred to your personal wallet. Just place a withdrawal and your crypto will be with you as soon as the blockchain process it.

Transparency and provably fair games

We value transparency above all else and hence we’ve created all our bitcoin casino games in such a way as to remove all doubt from our players minds. All of our exclusive games are provably fair; meaning – that any of our exclusive games you play are 100% fair, and we have the tool to prove it.

You can visit provably fair page to know more about how you can check the fairness of our games.

Promotions & Tournaments at our Bitcoin Casino

As an online bitcoin casino, we pride ourselves in offering some of the best promotions and tournaments for our players to engage with on a daily, weekly and sometimes even a monthly basis. While you can take your pick from a variety of promotions available on our casino, our VIPs also enjoy specially curated promotions just for them to participate in.

Players can test their mettle in weekly tournaments

featuring various bitcoin gambling categories to win cash prizes from. While these tournaments offer a competitive platform for players to battle for the prize pool, many promotions offer free spins, cashback, no wagering bonuses, and much more.

Can I Play for Free?

Yes, all online casinos allow you to sample the games before putting your bitcoins on the line.

There is no Bitcoin casino, or any other online casino, on that doesn’t let you try its games for free.

Roulette being the most popular classic table game at online casinos you’re guaranteed a free chance to give the games (most casinos have many roulette games) a free spin before playing for real money.

There’s just one exception to the play-for-free rule: are limited to real-money players only.

The reason for the live-game exception is easy to understand: All those roulette croupiers are real, live people who need salaries to live, so keeping the games going just for fun-money players’ sake would be too costly.

About Our Bitcoin Casino Exclusive Games

Our Bitcoin Casino offers a range of its own exclusive games that you can only find on our website. All the exclusive casino games at Bitcoin.com Games are curated for the best player experience. These games also have big jackpots where you can win a large amount of BTC, of up to 25 BTC and more, by relatively small bets. All exclusive games are only available for play on games.bitcoin.com and cashgames.bitcoin.com, nowhere else. So if you want to experience the privilege of playing something awesome that no other crypto casino offers, go play these amazing exclusive games now!

Angry Banker

Enjoy all the benefits of blockchains when you game on Bitcoin.com Games. Check in, play games and log out of your account in utmost privacy.

You are in full control of your funds without anyone else snooping in on your holdings in your casino wallet.

Withdraw your crypto when you want, within minutes of putting in a withdrawal request.

Your money is truly yours with Bitcoin.com Games.

Angry Banker is one of the most popular game on our bitcoin casino and often accumulates massive jackpots that can be won even with the lowest bet level.

Game Specifications:

  • Game type — Slot
  • Payline — 20
  • Reels — 5
  • Rows – 3
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Maximum Multiplier: x100
  • Maximum Jackpot: 25 BTC
  • Maximum Free Spins: 10

Exclusive Slots

Our second most popular exclusive game, and also the game we’ve had the most jackpot wins on, is our own Exclusive Slots.

This age-old classic is brought to you in a cutting-edge format, and can be played using Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrencies.
Game Specifications:

  • Game type — Slot
  • Payline — 20
  • Reels — 5
  • Rows – 3
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Maximum Multiplier: x100
  • Maximum Jackpot: 25 BTC
  • Maximum Free Spins: 10


We are host to another all-time popular casino classic from the halls of brick and mortar casinos – Blackjack.

Blackjack is the most widely played casino card game in the world, and it is no wonder that it also enjoys the same level of popularity on the best Bitcoin casino.
Game Specifications:

  • Game type – Banking game
  • Reels — 5
  • Rows – 3
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Maximum Multiplier: x100
  • Maximum Jackpot: 25 BTC


Place your bets and spin the wheel to stand a chance to win big amount of Bitcoin in this digital alteration of a classic that finds its place in nearly every casino in the world. A late-night favorite of casino goers, Roulette by Bitcoin.com embodies the thrill and excitement of the traditional roulette game, and makes it accessible to any player who is willing to stake their BTC for an opportunity to win a life-changing reward.

Game Specifications:

  • Game type – Table
  • Payline — 20
  • Reels — 5
  • Rows – 3
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Maximum Multiplier: x100
  • Maximum Jackpot: 25 BTC


Your chance to bet on the luck of a roll comes in the form of a game of Dice on the best bitcoin casino. The game is a variant of traditional dice game where you can bet on the outcome of the roll, and can increase the multiplier on your bet by increasing the risk weight on the probability of the roll.

It’s a quite simple and yet highly engaging casino game that will instantly draw you in, more so if you’re a fan of dice games in general.

Game Specifications:

  • Game type — Table
  • Payline — 20
  • Reels — 5
  • Rows – 3
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Maximum Multiplier: x100
  • Maximum Jackpot: 25 BTC

Video Poker

The all-time favorite bitcoin casino game of the masses, digitized for online users to play with Bitcoin. Video Poker at Bitcoin.com Games is the perfect way to play the classic game of poker from the comfort of your own setting, wherever you are.

Draw 5 cards, choose to hold your desired ones, and draw once again to land any one of the payable hands from the deck. You can even choose to double your winnings; the choice is yours!

Game Specifications:

  • Game type — Table
  • Payable hands — 9
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Maximum Multiplier: x100
  • Maximum Jackpot: 25 BTC


Bitcoin.com Games is home to its own exclusive game of Keno where you can wager by choosing any amount of numbers, and draw to conclude the round. It’s really that simple.You get paid based on how many of the number you chose get hit.

Game Specifications:

Are Bitcoin casinos safe?

Bitcoin casinos are safe to play as the market standard keeps them regulated. As you might understand, the crypto casino market is not under the top regulators audit, as in the main countries like USA, UK, Germany and Sweden, there is no regulatory decision regarding Crypto Currencies. Since the payment solution is not audited, the casinos themselves are not as well.

But in some cases, these casinos do have license, do operate under auditing conditions and do need to report back to the gambling commission in their jurisdiction. Not to mention that many crypto gambling operators are also dealing with real money FIAT, and therefore stand for the same standards.

Bitcoin casinos are safe, as long as you know the gambling risks, you familiar with your gambling limits and make sure your funds are secured in the balance. Make sure always to read and understand the bitcoin casino review before opening your new account.

? Топ лучших казино на криптовалюту с краном

Бесплатные казино на сатоши без вложений Основание Пополнение депозита BTC Бонусы Ставки на BTC
Риобет 2006 Выполняется конвертация по курсу на момент транзакции 100% до 35 тыс. + 100 бесплатных вращений Не поддерживается
Джой Казино 2014 При наличии открытого криптовалютного счета 100% до 10 тыс. + 200 вращений Отсутствует
Казино Х 2017 Да 100% до 100 тыс. + 200 вращений Не поддерживается
ПлейАмо 2016 Выполняется конвертация по курсу на момент транзакции 100% до 10 тыс. + 100 вращений Да
Азино 777 2014 Выполняется конвертация по курсу на момент транзакции 777 руб. + 50 вращений Отсутствует

Can I play live-roulette with Bitcoins

Yes! Live games are a new addition to BTC-accepting casinos.

For the longest time, live games were only available at fiat-currencies-only online casinos. Now the biggest Bitcoin-accepting casinos have added them to their offering.

When you play at one of our recommended casinos, you’re going to find live roulette, and maybe a few . Sometimes baccarat is also available, but this is quite rare.

If you’re new to live online gaming, a quick explanation: Live casino games work as close as possible like you were playing at a real-life casino. You see a live video from a casino on your computer (or phone or tablet). You choose how to bet your bitcoins by placing your wagers on the roulette table. Then you see how the croupier sends the ball into the wheel and you find out if you won or lost.

There’s a reason why we love live table games. You’re looking at it.

There is one thing to note, though: If you’re trying to play live-roulette in games provided by Evolution Gaming (lots of Bitcoin live-roulette casinos have got EG as one of their software providers), you’ll have to fill in a form with your personal details. If you’re worried about your privacy, then you might want to steer clear of Evolution Gaming live games.

How to start betting with Cryptocurrencies?

Betting with Cryptocurrencies can be done in several ways, where the best advise we can provide is to make sure you know your Cryptos, you know where and how to store them and most of all, you are aware of the difficulties and the risk by using Cryptocurrencies for online betting.

Once you join any casino, poker room, dice site, sports betting or any other gambling merchant, check the option to make a deposit with Cryptocurrencies in the cashier. It most likely will carry the BTC sign as it’s the most popular Cryptocurrency, in some case you can see the Ethereum, Bitcoin SV, TRON or Doge Coin signs instead. Once choosing this option, you will get a QR code and or a wallet address called BTW (Bitcoin Wallet) where you will have to transfer your crypto to. Make sure you know this address, check the bitcoin explorer for the immediate transaction information and all you have to do now is wait for the credits to be in your balance.

VIP Club at our Bitcoin Casino

Our bitcoin casino VIP club is very fancy and happening place. Our VIP members enjoy special treatment that leaves them spoilt to their bones. Need a personal manager to attend to you wishes? Check. Lavish VIP-Only bonus offers? Check. Early access to games and upcoming features? Check. Want to be rewarded just because you feel like? Simply reach out!

Deposit bonuses

Our VIP members have access to massive Deposit bonuses of up to 150% at predefined intervals. We regularly reward players that love playing with us – and really, what’s not to like!

No-deposit bonuses

We value our VIP club members so much so that we extend bonuses that do not require them to even make a deposit or carry a wagering requirement. How cool is that!?

Can USA-based players play online roulette with bitcoins?

While many casinos shy away from serving USA-based players, there are still good choices for playing real-money online roulette.

The USA is one of the few countries that makes cryptocurrency casinos nervous. You sometimes see amusing lists at online casinos of the countries they don’t accept players from: Iran, North Korea, USA. Land of the free, eh?

There is nothing illegal about accepting US players. However the USA being a powerful country with a long reach and a history of odd legal precedents when it comes to online gambling, many companies steer away from any potential problems, no matter however distant they are. The result is that they block US-based players from playing.

That all being said, yes, there are bitcoin operators who offer real-money gambling to US-based gamblers. These casinos have roulette and all other casino games you’d except to enjoy.

Which Bitcoin Wallet to use for Gambling?

Once starting to play bitcoin online casinos, you’ll first need to get a Bitcoin or another crypto related exchange account or wallet, this in order to be able to make a bitcoin deposit and in order to receive bitcoin withdraw funds.

Remember you can choose between web-based crypto wallet service and desktop wallets. Most of the Bitcoin gambling operators prefer to work with web crypto wallet, which gives you the flexibility to move the funds round. Buying Bitcoin, storing it and knows how to transfer it, is not rocket science, but something to learn. Talk to our experts If you need help to open bitcoin wallet for gambling.

Once you have active account it works very similar to Paypal, Online Banking, Neteller uKash and Skrill wallets. This new Bitcoin wallet is now your own personal digital wallet. Don’t forget to keep your account secure via one of the two factor authentication services or via SMS.

Why play at Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin Casinos always offers the best games from the top providers, best bonuses and advanced technology – all to accommodate its players community.

Since the Crypto gambling world, in its nature, is first in innovation line, and because top industry individuals are joining this niche operators – you can always find the best of what this industry has to offer, in the hottest bitcoin gambling websites.

Bitcoin Casinos, same as bitcoin sports betting sites, Poker networks and Bingo halls, offers users full control of their bankroll, in a casino where deposits and withdrawals are immediate, you can really get used to any delay. In most cases you will find wide array of casino games including Slots, Free Spins Games Blackjack, Roulette, Live dealers, Baccarat, Craps, Dice and many more – together with gamification opportunities. And above all, because its market to follow, Bitcoin gambling operators, on daily basis, offers great welcome bonuses, together with deposit bonuses, VIP bonuses and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I deposit Bitcoin?

You can be playing in just a few minutes! Your deposit will reflect in your account as soon as it is confirmed on the blockchain. You can use any Bitcoin wallet to deposit funds into your account. Click the Deposit button available under the main banners on the Home Page or on the top right-hand corner of any page. Simply send BTC to that address and your account will be credited within a few minutes. Please check our Quick Deposit Guide here.

How can I withdraw from your Bitcoin Casino?

In the top right-hand corner of the website, under the username section, you will find an option called Withdraw. Click that button, fill out the amount and destination address, and click Withdraw. The withdrawal will be sent to the blockchain network in just a few seconds.

A small fee of 0.0001 BTC will be deducted from your withdrawal amount to pay for the transaction. In order to withdraw funds, all your previous deposits must be confirmed at least 2 times on the blockchain.

Can I convert other coins to play with BTC in your crypto casino?

Yes, you simply need to click the Convert Other Coins button available under the main banners on the Home Page, and you will be able to select from many different coins you can convert to BTC.

How do I change my username?

To change your username, navigate to the My Account page, fill in your new username under the Change Username section, and click on Change.

Is my money safe in your crypto casino?

Yes, Bitcoin.com is the most trustworthy brand in the cryptocurrency industry. You can rest assured that your funds are safe within your casino wallet, and completely at your own disposal.

How much can I bet?

You can bet anything from a satoshi up to mBTC and bitcoins.

Online casinos cater to players with all kinds of budgets.

Typically the smallest bet you can make is a single satoshi. This bet size is so ridiculously small, that it’s mostly used by players to test out new games.

The maximum bet you can make in online roulette varies a lot from casino to casino, but most roulette games take at least 1 BTC bets. Biggest casinos, like Bitcasino take even bigger bets.

You can play loads of roulette variations at Bitcasino.io. Here’s Live Speed Roulette, where bets go in fast and furious. There’s practically no waiting around.

On average, players bet mBTC in online roulette. This is also the minimum bet size for .

Play From Anywhere

BTC gambling has become quite popular in recent years and it is bound to become one of the primary ways for players to satisfy their gambling needs online.

Bitcoin.com Games is the leading games portal and the casino has its own set of advantages that puts it over and above any other online casino on the internet.

The bitcoin casino provides quick deposits and withdrawals, a highly qualified customer service team that is at your service 24/7, special VIP promotions for you to enjoy and regular bonuses that makes the casino stand apart from the competition.

What’s even better when playing at the Bitcoin.com Games Bitcoin Casino is that it has a minimal to zero amount of down time, and a 100% payout rate.

The money you deposit into your player account is absolutely safe and in your control. Bitcoin gamlbing has never been easier. If you want to make a deposit, your funds will show up in your account nearly immediately after 1 confirmation on the blockchain. If you win a big amount in any of the games, you will receive the money when you withdraw nearly instantly from your casino account.

Diverse Game Categories of Bitcoin Casino

The wide-ranging library at our bitcoin asino posses a diverse category of games ranging from superbly-crafted video slot games and highly engaging table games to real-time live casino games and a basket of exclusives that will leave you wanting for more.


The Slots category on our bitcoin casino holds a seriously large amount of video slots from the best game providers in the industry. Whether it be the absolute fan-favorite ‘Elvis Frog in Vegas’ from BGaming, the most played game from Playson ‘Buffalo Power: Hold and Win’ or ‘The Dog House Megaways’ — a fun and frolicky slot from Pragmatic that’s always as rewarding as it is entertaining.

Table games at Crypto Casino

If you are in the mood of some Blackjack, Baccarat or any other table game, navigating to this category will open up to you a basket that will serve you just right. With games like French Roulette, Wild Texas and Casino Hold’em, these games will satisfy all your table gaming needs in our bitcoin casino.

Live Casino

Interact with real dealers and players in games from all the top providers such as Evolution and Ezugi found within the collection under this category. Now what’s more enjoyable that having insane amounts of fun play ‘Crazy Time’ and betting on spinning wheels that can land big fortunes right in your lap!?

Money Management for BTC Roulette

One of the most important strategies for roulette is to create a budget for the gaming. In fact, money management is crucial for any type of casino gambling since it will ensure that you stay within the budget that you can afford for your favorite hobby. When you create a budget for BTC roulette you must consider many different factors. Most important is that you stick to your plan even when you have a burning desire for more bets.

Starting a Budget

To start a budget you must have a look at how much BTC you can afford to lose. This might sound a bit negative and, of course, we all hope to win on BTC roulette games. Yet, you can’t count on winning on a game that is based on luck and therefore you must decide how much bitcoins you are allowed to lose on roulette per day, week or month. This is the cryptocurency that you can deposit to you casino account. The amount that you decide on is not set in stone. You should ideally look over your gaming budget from payment to payment. When you have less money to spare for entertainment you will shrink the budget and when you can afford it, you can expand it.

Payments and Withdrawals

Looking at money management for roulette, you should make sure to pick the best payment and withdrawal methods. Apart from bitcoins, pre-paid cards are excellent when you want to make sure not to deposit more money that what you have made a budget for. Even better is an e-wallet where you will also be able to quickly withdraw your winnings. E-wallets are great tools for money management since they give you a very clear overview of your casino money.

Learning Strategy

To stick to a healthy gaming budget you must also learn roulette strategy. You can’t outsmart the game but you can choose your bets wisely. In fact, it is well known that some versions of roulette pay better than others, so why should you waste your money on games where the odds are piled high against you? You can learn strategy in gaming forums online and you can also get a lot of tips from skilled roulette players. Ask them how they manage their roulette money and when they cash out winnings.

Stick to your Plan

To enjoy a budget you must stick to it. If you have decided to cash out half of your winnings as soon as you reach $100, you must stick to this. Once you start to change your own rules it becomes a bit risky and you might end up losing all of your winnings. With safe payment methods for Bitcoin roulette, you will find it harder to send more money to your casino account and this is good. If you are out of bitcoins it is better to take a break and come back when you can afford it.

? Bitcoin cash казино с моментальным выводом

игры с выводом денег на карту сбербанка

  • лицензированное программное обеспечение;
  • широкий выбор игровых автоматов;
  • высокий коэффициент отдачи слотов;
  • отсутствие вмешательства в работу генератора случайных чисел;
  • обилие платежных инструментов для вывода.

Квалифицированная служба поддержки работает в круглосуточном режиме, без выходных и праздничных дней. Можно задавать интересующие вопросы в режиме реального времени и получать исчерпывающий ответ в течение нескольких секунд. Главное, четко, но емко формулировать запрос. Вывод биткоина осуществляется на анонимный кошелек игрока, с которого ранее было произведено пополнение счета. При желании можно воспользоваться функцией конвертации и получить средства на банковскую карту или электронный кошелек. Время ожидания обработки заявки варьируется в пределах 1-2дней.

Если по результатам будут выявлены расхождения, администрация ресурса мгновенно блокирует аккаунт без права на восстановление. Чтобы не слить депозит в первый игровой день, мы рекомендуем разрабатывать персональную стратегию. Эффективность проверяется в бесплатной версии игрового автомата. Профессиональные игроки советуют делать ставки на сумму, которая не превышает 2-3% от размера стартового капитала. Это существенно повышает доход в сжатые сроки и позволяет обрести финансовую независимость.

Вопросы и ответы

  • Как играть в казино на биткоины с моментальным выводом?

    Нужно пройти упрощенную регистрацию и пополнить депозит доступным способом. Далее остается выбрать понравившийся автомат, сделать ставку и крутить барабаны. В случае победы деньги зачисляются на счет мгновенно.

  • Как найти казино на криптовалюту без вложений?

    На нашем портале находятся исключительно лицензированные азартные заведения, которые позволяют играть на BTC. Регистрация стандартная, вывод доступен сразу после верификации личного кабинета.

  • Реально ли выиграть биткоин на автоматах?

    Лицензированный софт обладает высоким коэффициентом отдачи, поэтому выиграть могут все гемблеры, вне зависимости от статуса и финансовых возможностей. Главное, пользоваться персонально разработанной стратегией.

  • Зачем проходить верификацию на портале казино для вывода биткоин?

    Это одна из мер дополнительной защиты персональных данных и средств зарегистрированных игроков. В случае отказа подтверждать личность, гемблер блокируется по подозрению в мошенничестве.

  • Где заработать BTC для ставок?

    Пользователи пользуются различными буксами в сети, в которых за выполнение несложных заданий начисляются сатоши. Такой вариант наиболее популярен и не требует первоначальных вложений.