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There are four types of minigames: Classic, Arcade, Survival, and Champions. Arcade games are short ones, normally lasting no more than 5 minutes; Classic games are a little longer than their Arcade counterparts, as well as being slightly more complicated, but they are still short in general. Survival games refers to a branch of games where players have to gather resources just like they would in a normal Minecraft survival environment and fight other players. Finally, Champions has players customize their character with various stats and skills, selecting from five base classes.

Occasionally, Mineplex may remove some games due to unpopularity, glitches, or other reasons; these games belong to . In addition, minigames that were just released generally start in the section, accessible through the Beta NPC in the lobby.

During specific holidays, especially during Halloween and Christmas, Mineplex holds special events, where a game relating to the holiday will be released for a limited time. Upon completing said game, the player will receive an event-exclusive prize, such as a morph or a pet. One example of this would be the 2014 Halloween Horror Event.


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A Gem.

Mineplexians mainly use Gems for transactions such as kit purchases. Playing any minigame on Mineplex gives the player at least 10 Gems; other Gem sources include completing achievements or Parkour. On July 2nd, 2013, blue Gems were announced but were never implemented or only implemented for a short time.

Once, Gems were also used for Cosmetic items, but that was replaced with another currency known as Treasure Shards. Shards can be achieved through many of the same ways gems can. What dofferentiates shards from gems is that gems are for gameplay purposes (Kits, Upgrades, etc) whereas Shards are for cosmetic purposes (Gadgets, Chests, etc). Additionally, you may receive a “compensation” reward for receiving duplicate cosmetics from chests.

Mineplex General Rules

We want to offer everybody a safe environment where they are able to have fun, meet new people,
share their opinions, and be respected on the network. The focus of our rules is to ensure a
positive and accepting environment for all our users.

In order to achieve this we enforce a set of rules focused on the following:

1. Keep your account secure

Account security is your responsibility, you should never share your account to anyone for any reason.
Make sure to always have a strong and unique password for all of your accounts. Do not use accounts
that you did not purchase from https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/

2. Do not spam

Do not participate in “spammy” or “trolling” behaviour that is inherently disruptful to Mineplex or other users.

3. Treat other users with respect

Do not participate in or encourage rudeness, abuse, discrimination/racism, or harassment of other users.
All members of our community have a right to be respected and partake in an enjoyable experience. Do not
continue to try and interact with users after they have made clear they do not want to continue talking
to you anymore.

4. Do not use inappropriate language and/or create inappropriate content

We want to offer users of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to interact with all users on the network
without being exposed to inappropriate content. This includes profanity, slurs,
abbreviations, or any other content that is not appropriate for children of all ages.

5. Do not make threats or recommendations of violence or malicious activity towards Mineplex or other users, or partake in such activities

Malicious threats or wishes of harm of any kind towards any user are not permitted, even as a “joke”.

6. Do not abuse our platform to advertise external servers, websites, or services

We explicitly filter links and IPs to services that may not be advertised on our platform.
Do not attempt to circumvent our filters or actively promote/redirect users to check out
content outside our approved platforms. You may find a list of our approved
links .

7. Do not attempt to use our platforms for the purposes of engaging in any sort of transactions or scamming

Do not attempt to use our platform(s) for the purposes of engaging in the exchange of any goods/items
outside of approved giveaway purposes.
Any attempt to scam users is not permitted.

8. Do not infringe on anyone’s intellectual property

Plagiarising content without permission and/or giving appropriate credit is not permitted.

9. Play fairly, don’t cheat

Do not use any type of modification to the Minecraft client that allows you to have an advantage
over others are not permitted. This can include hacking, unapproved modifications, etc.
Additionally, do not use any flaws in the way a map is designed, bugs that you find in
mechanics of the server/client, exploit means of gaining statistics, etc.

These rules are not a complete comprehensive list of all of the rules we have on the network but
are more general guidelines that if you follow, you should not be met with punishment.
If you would like to see more comprehensive guidelines you are able to check any of the tabs
above for those.

The rules exist at the discretion of the Mineplex Developers, Support Agents, Administrators,
Managers, Leaders and Owners and may be changed without notice at any time.
Punishments may be enforced outside these specific clearly defined categories if deemed
necessary at the direction of the aforementioned Mineplex representatives.


XenForo website header.

Previous Enjin website header.

The website, along with the items listed below, also displays Mineplex’s Twitter, as well as their Teamspeak server and officially sanctioned Youtube channel. In the center, there is a list of the most recent major updates.

The Mineplex website was hosted by the web hosting service Enjin from the server’s inception in 2013 to 2018. Mineplex migrated to XenForo on September 12, 2018; the legacy Enjin website was archived shortly afterward but can still be accessed at enjin.mineplex.com, although most features have been disabled.


Main article: Forums

The forums is the place where players can interact with other players by making posts. A XenForo account is required to use this service. Here, you can discuss subjects about Mineplex, discuss something off-topic entirely, or submit Reports, Appeals, or Map Submissions. Staff members use them too and use it as a way to communicate about new content or news. Players are able to give Potatoes (the equivalent of «Likes») to other users’ posts as well as options like Agree, Creative, Flame Inducing, and others.


Main article: Shop

What the logo for the store once looked like.

The shop refers to the one found on the Mineplex homepage; it can be accessed by clicking on the «Shop» button on the top toolbar. Here, you will be able to purchase ranks with real money. Players were able to purchase real-life Mineplex apparel (such as T-shirts) before the option was removed.


Unlike the previous Enjin-based website, the newer XenForo version allows users to review their or another player’s statistics directly online instead of requiring a connection to the server (mineplex.com/players). Statistics shown include:

  • earned
  • total number of game sessions played across the server
  • number of
  • number of wins, losses, and Gems earned per game


Similar to statistics, leaderboards for each game are shown on the newer XenForo website (mineplex.com/leaderboards). They each display the top 100 players based on their number of wins in the game. Toggles allow the user to compare rankings across different time frames, with daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time options.

Games that currently have leaderboards include:

  • Draw My Thing
  • Master Builders
  • Micro Battle
  • Block Hunt
  • Cake Wars
  • SkyWars
  • Survival Games
  • Speed Builders
  • Bridges
  • Mine-Strike
  • Super Smash Mobs
  • Champions


При переходе на новые версии MCPE, начиная с 1.2.10 встает вопрос, с которым мы начинаем сталкиваться все чаще и чаще: на каких серверах играть, так как большинство русскоязычных все еще остаются на версии Minecraft 1.1, поэтому на Майнкрафт 1.2.10 единственным вариантом остаются официальные сервера, работающие при поддержке Mojang AB. На данный момент таких серверов 4 — на версии 1.2.10 это сервера MinePlex, LifeBoat и inPvP, а на последней beta-версии к ним присоединился сервер, про который в русскоговорящей аудитории MCPE пока мало, кто слышал, а именно — сервер CubeCraft.

И сегодня мы начинаем цикл обзоров этих проектов, и первым на очереди стоит сервер MinePlex. На этом я прекращаю вступление и перехожу к обзору.

Предыстория сервера MinePlex

MinePlex на ПК берет начало в 2013 году, а на мобильных устройствах он появился в конце 2017 года и сразу же стал официальным сервером, так что не стоит удивляться тому, что на сервере все проработано до мелочей, поэтому как только мы заходим на сервер и сразу видим огромное и красивое лобби, 3 портала на разные мини-игры и 4 статуи, телепортирующие на эти-же мини-игры.

Обзор мини-игр MinePlex

Для начала я удивился онлайну на мини-играх, онлайн вы можете видеть на скринах ниже и онлайн на самой популярной мини-игре в майнкрафте составлял всего 13 человек… Либо счетчик глючит, либо Голодные Игры уже не в моде, однако и на других серверах онлайн не слишком высок! Тем не менее после того, как я поиграл на нескольких мини-играх я заметил, что ожидание довольно низкое и необходимое для старта кол-во игроков быстро набирается и это еще один «+» в копилку сервера!

Первой мини-игрой стала игра Block Hunt, да-да, те самые прятки, которые на InPvP есть с 2015 года.

Собственно, это и есть прятки с InPvP, единственное новшество — можно прятаться мобом. Однако я думал, что на топовом сервере должно быть нечто новое, а не банальный плагиат. Но тем не менее прятки интересные и карта построена отличное — это стоит признать!

Переходим ко второй мини-игре!

Название Master Builders дало мне надежду на новую и уникальную мини-игру, однако это оказался банальный Build Battle в новой обертке.

И наконец список всех мини-игр и вывод.

  • Death tag
  • Master Builders
  • Turf Wars
  • Micro Battle
  • Survival Games
  • Sky Wars
  • Cake Wars
  • Block hunt
  • Sky Fall

И, наконец, в финале мы получаем сервер, на котором банально нет уникальных мини-игр, что к сожалению наводит на грустные мысли, основными плюсами являются ландшафт, постройки и онлайн, а в целом оценка проекта — 5/10, ну а следующим на очереди нас будет ждать сервер InPvP.


A side view of the lobby.

Main article: Lobby

Just like most other Minecraft servers, Mineplex has a lobby to organize all the minigames, as well as special events. The lobby consists of a main sky island, with a few smaller ones surrounding the main one. In the main plaza, a few Villager NPCs provide tutorials and information about official Mineplex content.

While in the lobby, the player is able to leap forward an unlimited number of times by tapping spacebar twice in rapid succession; this is to help them get someplace faster. Stacker is played in the lobby, while Parkour is present as well to give players a hefty Gem reward. «Tangible» Game Commands are available in great number. In addition to all this, if a player looks around carefully, they will be able to find a variety of secrets and gags.

There are special lobbies built for Christmas and Halloween every year.